Aug 3, After affects of steroids with my dog

My dogs has been on a course of Steroids for an inflamed issue for a couple of months. After a few weeks she has become a lot more barky at other dogs,

Jul 27, a hernia in my dog

My dog has a hernia and I don't want to do a surgery So i would like to treat It naturally

May 31, Bring Your Dog on Vacation

Should you bring your dog on vacation with you? See our checklist and cool tips to make it easy.

May 16, Curious and Bizarre Dog Behaviors Explained

These curious and bizarre dog behaviors are common but very strange.

May 11, Your Dog's Incredible Sense of Hearing

Your dog's sense of hearing is beyond super-human. Here are some fascinating facts:

May 10, Your Dog's Incredible Sense of Smell

Your dog's sense of smell is thousands of times more powerful than your own. Here's why:

May 2, Does anyone know of an alternative holistic thyroid medication?

My Cocker contracted Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia from having two rabies shots and immunizations too close together. Apparently, he received these

Apr 17, Keeping Your Dog's Vision Clear

Why your dog's vision needs special protection from this common threat.

Apr 5, Doggie Kisses: Harmful Bacteria or Cleaner Than a Human's Mouth?

Are doggie kisses riddled with bacteria or cleaner than kissing another human?

Dec 18, 8 Cool DIY Dog Toys From Stuff You Throw Away

Make 8 cool diy dog toys easy as pie and dirt cheap, and your dog will love them!

Nov 16, Diabetic cataracts

Will Cataractin help my Border Collie if his cataracts are a result of diabetes?

Nov 16, Natural treatment cured more than 20 cats coinfected with FIP, FeLV

I care for a group of about 30 cats that have been dumped in my property over the past few years. In 2014, one of my cats died of a disease that would

Oct 5, Product use

I have a pregnant cat with fleas and I am wondering if this product could be used on her? All the other products say not to use on pregnant or nursing

Oct 5, Any help with a thyroid condition for cats?

My cat was just diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I find it hard to believe that this is a common condition with cats now. I grew up with cats in the

Sep 29, Herbal Dog Flu Treatment

This herbal dog flu treatment and preventative works even if the vet vaccinated for the WRONG virus strain.



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