Best Dog Breeds To Go Running With


You should definitely walk your dog, but should you run with her, too? Running is a wonderful form of exercise that can also be great for your furry friends. Before you try to go running with your dog, however, you need to take certain precautions – and consider whether your dog is a breed well-suited to running.

Best Breeds for Running

If you really want a dog that will go running with you (and enjoy it!), consider one of these top six dog breeds that are best for running, listed in alphabetical order:

1. Australian Cattle Dog – As the name of this breed would suggest, the Australian Cattle Dog was developed to herd cattle. These dogs can go for miles without tiring and are very intelligent, so can make adventurous running partners. Once your Australian Cattle Dog gets into the habit of running, she will be dragging you off the couch and out onto ...

Does Owning A Pet Improve Your Health?


Having a pet around the house is like having a friend who is always by your side. Pets are not just great for companionship, however – studies have shown that pet ownership provides some very real health benefits for you and your family.

Top Benefits of Pet Ownership

The top five benefits associated with owning a dog or cat are listed below:

1. Stronger Immune System – It may seem counterintuitive, but having a pet in the house can actually reduce your susceptibility to allergies. According to pediatrician James E. Gern from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, having a pet in the home can reduce a child’s risk for developing allergies by as much as 33%. Children who grow up with pets also tend to have stronger, more developed immune systems in general. If you already suffer from allergies, adding a dog or cat to the family may not help, but it can be a benefit for those who do not suffer from allergies yet, esp...

Halloween Pet Safety Tips


Halloween is a fun holiday filled with costumes, candy and friends. For some pets, however, the day can be a scary event filled with unfamiliar noises, sights and people.

Follow these easy tips to ensure that your pets stay healthy, happy and relaxed this Halloween:

Keep Candy & Chocolate Out of Reach: Of particular concern are dark chocolate treats and candy with sweeteners like xylitol in them. To keep your pets safe, make sure that you place any trick-or-treat candy in a location where they cannot reach it. A high bookshelf or the top of the fridge works well.

Watch Out for Edible Decorations: When Halloween rolls around, many pet parents decorate the house with corn and pumpkins. If ingested, they may cause stomach upset so make sure they are out of reach or consider going easy on the decorating.

Be Cautious With Candles: Carved Jack ‘O Lanterns are a great way to celebrate Hallowe...

Video: 21 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pooch


Tompkins Square Park in New York was recently a-buzz with a bevy of adorable pups and their parents at their annual Halloween Dog Parade. Watch the video above to discover a goldmine of costume ideas.

Think your costume beats those of these four-legged fashionistas? Share your photos below!

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Video: Rani the FisherDog!


You may have heard the expression, "That dog will hunt", but what about, "That dog will fish"? Watch Rani the Golden Retriever catch a bluegill right out of the water with her jaws, using bread crumbs as bait.

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The Role Of Comfort Dogs


Dogs play a number of roles in our lives. They're our companions, co-workers, and a non-judgmental ear when we need to talk. For those suffering from conditions such as autism or post-traumatic stress disorder, they provide comfort and security. Their ability to nurture is also being utilized to help those affected by large-scale tragedies.

These emotional support animals or "comfort dogs" as they have become known, aren't trained to work one-on-one with an individual person. Instead, they are part of organizations that transport them to disaster areas to provide comfort to those affected by tragic events. Recent incidents include school and nightclub shootings where not only surviving victims are traumatized, but also their family, the rescuers, and emergency per...

Indoor Activities For Dogs


Dogs aren't too bothered about weather forecasts; even if it's miserable outside, they still like to run and play outdoors. However, their pet parents may not be as keen. Fortunately, there are a number of fun and engaging activities that will keep your dog busy when outdoor play isn't on the agenda. These activities will help to avoid them from making their own fun, which may not be your idea of fun.

Indoor Fetch

There's no reason why you can't play fetch inside your house. Choose an appropriate space because when your dog is on the run towards their toy, they pay no attention to tables and lamps. A long hallway is perfect for this; you can even ad...

Video: Proof That Dogs Make The Best Babysitters


Some people think they have to take care of their dogs, but this video proves that dogs are taking care of our kids. Learn why dogs make excellent babysitters. And you don’t even have to drive them home at the end of the night!

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Video: Pet Parent Solves The Case Of The Stolen Cookie


Who stole the cookie off the counter? Even without hands, Harley the hound has no problem fingering his sister for the dirty deed.

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Video: Watch Shelter Pets Try Out New Beds For The First Time


Australian charity RSPCA Victoria made more than 100 shelter dogs and cats wag their tails in happiness when they handed out donated beds. Watch the pleased pets enjoying their new beds.

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