May 5, Volunteer to Raise a Service Dog

Now you can volunteer to raise a service dog for the disabled.

Apr 10, Red bump / bumps

Anyone know what the red bump and surrounding bumps may be on the bottom of my dog?s jaw? They just appeared. Any suggestions on what I should do? How

Mar 30, Are You Adding a Second Dog to the Family?

What to know before adding a second dog to the family. Five surefire tips.

Feb 5, Veterinary Care Goes Human Grade

As more and more veterinary care goes human grade, discover how modern medical science improves care for dogs and cats

Jan 15, These 5 Human Foods Are Good For Dogs

See why these 5 human foods are good for dogs improved health.


QUESTION: IS IT SAFE TO USE the natural herbs along with insulin. My dog was just diagnosed with diabetes and is on insulin. This is all new to me and

Oct 2, Include Your Dog: Your Dog Is Not a Potted Plant

Try these easy suggestions to include your dog in your daily activities

Sep 20, How to help a UTI with supplements, vinegar, etc.

I have a cat who may have urinary crystals or stones. Her urinalysis was positive for infection and she got antibiotics. She did better but a month on

Aug 3, After affects of steroids with my dog

My dogs has been on a course of Steroids for an inflamed issue for a couple of months. After a few weeks she has become a lot more barky at other dogs,

Jul 27, a hernia in my dog

My dog has a hernia and I don't want to do a surgery So i would like to treat It naturally

May 31, Bring Your Dog on Vacation

Should you bring your dog on vacation with you? See our checklist and cool tips to make it easy.

May 16, Curious and Bizarre Dog Behaviors Explained

These curious and bizarre dog behaviors are common but very strange.

May 11, Your Dog's Incredible Sense of Hearing

Your dog's sense of hearing is beyond super-human. Here are some fascinating facts:

May 10, Your Dog's Incredible Sense of Smell

Your dog's sense of smell is thousands of times more powerful than your own. Here's why:

May 2, Does anyone know of an alternative holistic thyroid medication?

My Cocker contracted Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia from having two rabies shots and immunizations too close together. Apparently, he received these



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