New York Today: Where Every Day Is ?Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Friday: Pip the office dog, weekend events and Michelangelo in Manhattan.

Holding On to My Pets, as Alzheimer?s Takes My Memories

Amid the many worries that accompany the illness, is a terror over how it will affect my pets and my bond with them.

I Raised Baby Pigeons in My Bathroom

My wife rescued a bird from a Brooklyn subway escalator. Then the adventure began.

From the Subways to the Sofa: Pet Rats

New Yorkers are adopting rats as pets, saying they are sociable, smart and cuddly.

The Lonely Pets Quiz

Is your pet lonely? Take our quiz to find out.

Better Health Through the ?Lassie Effect?

People?s health improves when regularly exercising their dog. So why don?t more people walk their pets more often?

When a Pet Dies, Helping Children Through the ?Worst Day of Their Lives?

Understanding the ways that a child might view and respond to a pet?s passing can help parents to ease the grieving process.

How to Be Mindful With a Barking Dog

Approaching the sound of barking with mindfulness can help transform it from a source of agitation to an opportunity for practice.

Yoga With Cats

?Yoga mats are like cat magnets,? said an owner of Meow Parlour, one of a growing number of places offering yoga with cats.

Pet Insurance Is the Latest Work Perk

A growing number of companies are offering health insurance for their employees? dogs, cats and even potbellied pigs.



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