Should We Be Concerned With Where We Get Our Pets?

What are the benefits and drawbacks of California?s new pet store law?

California Tells Pet Stores Their Dogs and Cats Must Be Rescues

Critics of a new law, which applies to dogs, cats and rabbits, say small stores and backyard breeders should not be punished for ?puppy mills.?

Paid Leave When Your Dog Is Sick? Sė, Italian Employer Says

An Italian pet owner got two days of paid leave to care for her ailing English setter. Animal rights groups say it could be a precedent.

The Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States

Where is the best place to have a pet? The country?s 100 largest cities, ranked according to how hospitable they are to animals.

In Central Park, Teaching Dogs to Sit (in Yiddish)

There?s a lot of kibitzing and not much kvetching in a course sponsored by a Jewish nonprofit that teaches dogs (and humans) commands in Yiddish.

How to Move When You Have Dogs and Cats

Packing up and relocating can be a logistical nightmare, and having pets may only complicate matters. Here are tips to make moving less stressful.

The Test Was ?Bogus?: Readers Debate Live-or-Die Tests for Dogs

New York Times readers debated live-or-die tests for dogs, which animal shelters use when evaluating aggression in dogs.

Is This Dog Dangerous? Shelters Struggle With Live-or-Die Tests

A standard method for evaluating shelter dogs? behavior ? the results often meant the difference between adoption and euthanasia ? is under scrutiny.

The Year of the Goat

This lowly farm animal has become the hot new pet, not to mention a ubiquitous presence on Instagram.

Paid Petsitting in Homes Is Illegal in New York. That?s News to Some Sitters.

The arrival of dogsitting apps like Rover and Wag has led the city to dust off a rule against caring for pets for pay in homes.



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