The Test Was ?Bogus?: Readers Debate Live-or-Die Tests for Dogs

New York Times readers debated live-or-die tests for dogs, which animal shelters use when evaluating aggression in dogs.

Is This Dog Dangerous? Shelters Struggle With Live-or-Die Tests

A standard method for evaluating shelter dogs? behavior ? the results often meant the difference between adoption and euthanasia ? is under scrutiny.

The Year of the Goat

This lowly farm animal has become the hot new pet, not to mention a ubiquitous presence on Instagram.

Paid Petsitting in Homes Is Illegal in New York. That?s News to Some Sitters.

The arrival of dogsitting apps like Rover and Wag has led the city to dust off a rule against caring for pets for pay in homes.

From Massages to ?Pawicures,? These Resorts Have It All for Pets

Some people who take luxury vacations feel the need to give equal treatment to their dogs and cats, who now have resorts of their own.

Amateur Sleuths Close In on Suspect in Case of a Stolen Rabbit

The would-be rescuers believe they may know who took a gray bunny named Sunny from a shelter in East Harlem.

So Your Dog Works as a Model? Don?t Quit Your Day Job

People whose pets appear in advertising campaigns or other media don?t tend to make a lot of money, but they do get bragging rights.

New York Today: Where Every Day Is ?Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Friday: Pip the office dog, weekend events and Michelangelo in Manhattan.

Holding On to My Pets, as Alzheimer?s Takes My Memories

Amid the many worries that accompany the illness, is a terror over how it will affect my pets and my bond with them.

I Raised Baby Pigeons in My Bathroom

My wife rescued a bird from a Brooklyn subway escalator. Then the adventure began.



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